www.Mypremiercreditcard.com Login – Sign In to Your First PREMIER Bank Account

You have to be logged into the First Premier Bank/Premier Bankcard website, at www.mypremiercreditcard.com, to be able to perform certain functions. If, for instance, you want to access the statement for your My Premier Credit Card on the site, then, naturally and understandably, you have to be logged in. Similarly, if you want to check your balance, or to pay a bill, you have to sign in to the My Premier Credit Card site: at www.mypremiercreditcard.com.

How to login to www.mypremiercreditcard.com

A space is provided on the homepage of the My Premier Credit Card site, at www.mypremiercreditcard.com, where you can initiate the sign in process, by entering your username, and clicking on the ‘continue’ button.

Alternatively, if you look at the very top of the page (the homepage), you will notice that there is a three item menu (with ‘home’, ‘sign in’, and ‘contact us’). In that menu, if you click on ‘’sign in’ option, and you will be taken to the login page: whose address is www.mypremiercreditcard.com/login.aspx.

This means that you can also load your browser, and then simply enter www.mypremiercreditcard.com/login.aspx, to end up directly in the same sign in page.

Whichever way you end up on the www.mypremiercreditcard.com sign in page, you ultimately will have to start by entering your username, followed by the password (in different/subsequent screens), to end up accessing your account.

Things you can do once you login to www.mypremiercreditcard.com

Once you manage to login to the My Premier credit card site at www.mypremiercreditcard.com, you will be able to:

  • See your transaction history: this will help you track how you are spending money, or check whether they are any unauthorized transactions being carried out through your account.

  • Get email help: it is only when you are logged in that the people at My First Premier bank can ascertain that you are the rightful account holder, and therefore offer you email help pertaining to your specific account.

  • Pay bills online: this can give you a lot of convenience, compared to going to pay the bills in person.

  • Check your current balance: this can help you avoid being penalized, and also help you figure out how much of your income you will need to commit to paying the credit card balance.

  • Check the available credit: this should, in turn, help you know whether you can use your credit card to pay for certain things.

What you have to do before you can log in to www.mypremiercreditcard.com

As a person who has a My Premier credit card, you have to enroll for online access, at www.mypremiercreditcard.com before you can log in. It is during the enrollment process that you create the username and the password which you subsequently use when signing into the site.

www.Mypremiercreditcard.com Frequently Asked Questions

How can one access a statement at www.mypremiercreditcard.com?

To access a credit card statement at www.mypremiercreditcard.com (supposing you hold a My Premier Credit Card), you just need to log into your account on the site. But before you can log into www.mypremiercreditcard.com, you need to have enrolled for online access, which is really a question of filling in a form, and submitting it (whereupon you will be deducted the one-off online access fee).

How can one make online payments through www.mypremiercreditcard.com?

To make online payments through www.mypremiercreditcard.com, you need to have adequate ‘available credit’ (that is, in terms of how far you are from reaching your credit limit). Supposing you have adequate ‘available credit’, you need to access www.mypremiercreditcard.com, then sign in, in order to make the payment. That is a question of signing in in the normal way, by entering your username and your password.

How can one check balances at www.mypremiercreditcard.com?

We have to start by noting that there are two types of balances you check at mypremiercreditcard.com site, if you are a My Premier credit card holder. The first type of balance is referred to as the ‘current balance’: that is, how much you are indebted to the First Premier Bank, after using your credit card in various ways.

The second type of balance is referred to as ‘available credit’ balance: that is, how much more money you can charge to your credit card, in line with the credit line available to you through the card. To check any of these things, you just access the My Premier credit card site, at www.mypremiercreditcard.com then enter your username and password on subsequent screens as required to log in.

Then once you are on your account screen, specify (by clicking on the relevant links) that you want to check those balances.

How does one sign in to www.mypremiercreditcard.com?

You sign into www.mypremiercreditcard.com by entering your username and your password. Take note though that in this site, the username and password details are not entered in the same screen. This is, perhaps, a security measure. Anyway, you first enter your username, then click on a ‘continue’ button, to be taken to the second screen, where you enter the password.

How does one get a username and a password for www.mypremiercreditcard.com?

One gets a username and a password for www.mypremiercreditcard.com by enrolling for online access at www.mypremiercreditcard.com. On the homepage, within the main menu near the top of the page, there is an ‘enroll’ link, and that is what you click on, to be taken to a page where there is a simple form to be filled in, to initiate the process of gaining online access.

Mypremiercreditcard Online

www.mypremiercreditcard.com is the site where people who hold the credit cards issued by First Premier Bank, otherwise known as Premier Bankcards or My Premier Credit Cards, can manage them online. That is a site where, for instance, the said cardholders can go to access online statements and to pay bills online.

It is also a site where people who are interested in the said credit cards can get further information about them. Having obtained such ‘further information’ about the cards from the site, the prospective cardholders can go ahead to initiate the card application process on the same site.

Introduction to My Premier Credit Card services

My Premier credit cards are typically issued under the Visa and MasterCard brands. They are popular with people who have less than ideal credit scores, and who would, for the most part, struggle with access to the other traditional credit cards.

Things you can do at www.mypremiercreditcard.com

  • Enroll for online account access: once you manage to do this, as a person who uses First Premier Bank products, you will be able to access many benefits. You will, for instance, be able to access statements online, pay bills online, check balances online… and do so much more.

  • Apply for First Premier Bank credit cards: the First Premier Bank site at www.mypremiercreditcard.com has the functionality through which you can initiate the process of applying for a First Premier Bank credit card.

  • Sign up for alerts: there are two types of alerts that people who use First Premier Bank products can sign up for at www.mypremiercreditcard.com. Firstly, there are email alerts. Secondly, there are text alerts.

  • Access information on First Premier Bank products: by clicking on the ‘products and services’ item on the main menu provided on the homepage of the First Premier Bank site at www.mypremiercreditcard.com, you get access to comprehensive information about the bank’s products and services. This should help you in making a decision on the sorts of products to start using.

  • Access credit reports: the people who use the products provided by First Premier Bank, including the First Premier credit cards, can access their credit reports through the bank’s site, at www.mypremiercreditcard.com. This is just as well, seeing that a good number of these people tend to be folks with less than perfect credit who are, nonetheless, working towards improving their credit scores. The First Premier bank offers to walk with them through that process.

Accessing the My Premier Credit Card site at www.mypremiercreditcard.com

Like any other site, the My Premier Credit Card site can be accessed by entering its address: www.mypremiercreditcard.com, into a browser’s address bar.

For people who have previously visited it before, it may be possible to access it through bookmarks. One can also access www.mypremiercreditcard.com by clicking on links to it from other sites, and then ascertaining that the links actually lead to the actual First Premier Bank/Premier Bankcard site.

www.Mypremiercreditcard.com Account

It is possible, for people who hold My Premier Credit Cards, to access their credit card accounts online. The site where they can do that is www.mypremiercreditcard.com.

Things that may make www.mypremiercreditcard.com account access necessary

There are many things that may make it necessary for a person with My Premier Credit Card to want to gain online access. Those are, in other words, the things that may make www.mypremiercreditcard.com account access necessary. They include:

  • The desire to see how much money one has spent: it is easy, when making purchases using credit cards, to end up losing track of the transactions. When that happens, a point may come where one wants to see how much money they have spent. For My Premier credit card holders, the place to do so (online) is at www.mypremiercreditcard.com.

  • The desire to see how much of the credit limit is remaining: like any other credit cards, My Premier credit cards have credit limits. One may need, in light on transactions already carried out, to see how much of that credit limit is still remaining, so as to figure out whether or not one can carry out other specific transactions.

  • The desire to see what one has been spending money on: this becomes necessary when one wants to, say, manage their finances better. It can also be necessary when one has lost track of transactions.

  • The desire to ascertain whether or not one’s account is safe: after gaining online access to a My Premier Credit Card account at www.mypremiercreditcard.com, one can subsequently access a statement, through which one can figure out whether or not there have been unauthorized transactions.

How to gain www.mypremiercreditcard.com account access

Gaining www.mypremiercreditcard.com account access is not hard. The first step is, of course, that of going to the site: www.mypremiercreditcard.com. That could be through direct entry of the address into the browser, through the help of a bookmark or by clicking on a link.

Once one is at www.mypremiercreditcard.com, assuming that they have already enrolled for online banking, then access becomes just a question logging in. That is a process you can start right from the homepage, by entering your username, and then clicking on the ‘continue’ button.

If one hasn’t enrolled for online access, then they have to first do so, before they can gain My Premier Credit Card account access at www.mypremiercreditcard.com. Enrolling is a question of clicking on the ‘enroll’ link provided on the main menu of the homepage at www.mypremiercreditcard.com, and then filling in the enrollment form that is provided. A one-time fee is, apparently, charged by First Premier Bank when one is enrolling for online access, but this is a nominal amount, whose value fades in comparison with the convenience associated with online account access.

www.Mypremiercreditcard.com Pay My Bill

As a person who has procured a My Premier Credit Card from First Premier Bank, it is possible for you to pay bills online, at www.mypremiercreditcard.com. This functionality can save you a lot of time and energy that you’d otherwise have had to spend trying to pay the bills through other channels.

How to pay bills at www.mypremiercreditcard.com

In order to be in a position to pay bills at www.mypremiercreditcard.com, you need to do two things. Firstly, you need to access the My Premier Credit Card site, at www.mypremiercreditcard.com. Secondly, you need to login to the My Premier Credit Card site in question.

Accessing the My Premier Credit Card site

There are four major ways in which you can access the My Premier Credit Card site, at www.mypremiercreditcard.com.

Firstly, you can enter the site’s address (www.mypremiercreditcard.com) into your browser, assuming that you can remember it off-head, or assuming that you have noted it down somewhere.

Secondly, you can go to a search engine, carry out a search for a term like ‘my premier credit card’ and then click on the link provided by the search engine.

Thirdly, you can follow a link to the site provided somewhere else, like, say, in an article that happens to be linked to the site. Under this scheme, you have to be sure that the link is actually leading to the real First Premier Bank site, for this is how people sometimes end up being scammed.

Fourthly, you can follow a bookmark to access the site, if, in your previous visit to the My Premier Credit Card site, you took the trouble to bookmark it, or if you have set up your browser to automatically bookmark the sites you access.

Logging into the My Premier Credit Card site

To be able to pay your bills at www.mypremiercreditcard.com, you need to be logged in. You log in by entering a username and a password. So you first enter the username, then click on the ‘continue’ button to be taken to the password entry page. If you don’t have a username or a password for use on the site (like if it is the first time you are trying to gain My Premier Credit Card online access), you need to first enroll for such online access, to get the password and username to utilize here.

Things to check when paying bills at www.mypremiercreditcard.com

When paying bills at www.mypremiercreditcard.com, you need to check the ‘available credit’ to you, to ensure that it is adequate to cover the bills you are paying. After paying the bills, you also need to check your ‘current balance’, to know how much you are owed: for when you pay for something using a credit card, what you essentially do is take a small loan, repayable with interest later.