Mypremiercreditcard Online is the site where people who hold the credit cards issued by First Premier Bank, otherwise known as Premier Bankcards or My Premier Credit Cards, can manage them online. That is a site where, for instance, the said cardholders can go to access online statements and to pay bills online.

It is also a site where people who are interested in the said credit cards can get further information about them. Having obtained such ‘further information’ about the cards from the site, the prospective cardholders can go ahead to initiate the card application process on the same site.

Introduction to My Premier Credit Card services

My Premier credit cards are typically issued under the Visa and MasterCard brands. They are popular with people who have less than ideal credit scores, and who would, for the most part, struggle with access to the other traditional credit cards.

Things you can do at

  • Enroll for online account access: once you manage to do this, as a person who uses First Premier Bank products, you will be able to access many benefits. You will, for instance, be able to access statements online, pay bills online, check balances online… and do so much more.

  • Apply for First Premier Bank credit cards: the First Premier Bank site at has the functionality through which you can initiate the process of applying for a First Premier Bank credit card.

  • Sign up for alerts: there are two types of alerts that people who use First Premier Bank products can sign up for at Firstly, there are email alerts. Secondly, there are text alerts.

  • Access information on First Premier Bank products: by clicking on the ‘products and services’ item on the main menu provided on the homepage of the First Premier Bank site at, you get access to comprehensive information about the bank’s products and services. This should help you in making a decision on the sorts of products to start using.

  • Access credit reports: the people who use the products provided by First Premier Bank, including the First Premier credit cards, can access their credit reports through the bank’s site, at This is just as well, seeing that a good number of these people tend to be folks with less than perfect credit who are, nonetheless, working towards improving their credit scores. The First Premier bank offers to walk with them through that process.

Accessing the My Premier Credit Card site at

Like any other site, the My Premier Credit Card site can be accessed by entering its address:, into a browser’s address bar.

For people who have previously visited it before, it may be possible to access it through bookmarks. One can also access by clicking on links to it from other sites, and then ascertaining that the links actually lead to the actual First Premier Bank/Premier Bankcard site.

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