Credit Facility Glossary

Credit facility term sheet template

A credit facility term sheet template is a template which is used to detail the terms and conditions associated with a credit facility. This template also serves as the basis to developing detailed legal documents related to commercial loans.

A credit facility term sheet template usually includes information about the borrower, the amount to be borrowed, the purpose of borrowing the money, the interest rate, the facility fee, collateral, maturity details, payment details, covenants, guarantor information and reporting requirements.

Credit facility press release

A credit facility press release is an official statement announcing new credit facilities that are issued by a bank or lender. This official statement is released to the public via different types of news channels. Such a press release includes detailed information about the new credit facility, its terms and conditions and who can avail such a facility. This press release essentially seeks to notify consumers about the new options that they have when it comes to availing a credit facility.

Credit facility example

A credit facility is a special type of commercial loan that is handed out to small businesses and self-employed individuals. There are a number of different types of credit facilities, examples of which include term loans, revolving credit, letters of credit, retail credit accounts and committed facilities, among many others.

Such credit facilities can be used by a business for covering short term expenses in the event of a lack of capital. Credit facilities are offered by banks to borrowers, provided that the borrower satisfies certain eligibility criteria.

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